Discrimination Against Women in Churches, Temples and Mosques

Every religion has a discriminatory practice against women. In places like India where the Hindi religion is practiced women are nothing but reproducing instruments similar to cattle. They are so low on the scale of importance that many female children are euthanized at birth. In China, where modern laws apply, female children are still murdered or pregnancies terminated in preference for male children. Social and domestic conditions have made it so.

Muslim, Christian, and Judaism practices are little better. Women are tolerated but must maintain a place of servitude while given only a secondary role in most things. It is only in recent times that women were allowed to even touch the altar in Christian churches for fear of contamination. They still fight a battle to serve God and administer services in the Catholic Church.

Prejudice of this type has a long history and much of it is related to stories of Adam and Eve and the role of women in creating sin. They are considered responsible for man’s lust for sex and are, therefore, forced to cover their bodies to prevent their attractive side showing. In the Muslim code this may extend to the Berker in some parts under the Taliban and Sharia law.

This prejudice extends throughout the world and impacts on the systems of finance, business, and even domestic issues where most are forced to take a vow of obedience to their husband.

Anthropology records reveal that women of older times were confined to huts below those occupied by men. In parts of Africa and Asia, for example, giving birth was so degrading for men that mothers were locked in huts or sheds until their baby was born. They had no help, no comforts, and often no food.

In New Guinea in years past girls were locked in cages hung in the kitchen of homes once they reached puberty until husbands were found for them. It was all to do with their periods in most cases as the blood was deemed evil.

In churches women were not allowed to approach the altar for fear they would drip blood on the sacred site. In the Jewish religion women who menstruate must sleep in a separate room to their husband. These are all the prejudices that have carried over in religious tradition and superstitions to discriminate against women today.

There is one more less obvious cause and that is passed down from sun-worship. It was called ‘Mary’ or ‘mother’s powerful eye’ and when stylised into a female figure men considered they could ‘marry’ Mary and reign as Father God in heaven. It is this ‘faith’ that continues to separate the physical wife from the imagined.

By confining women to the back of the church, temple, and mosque they are less likely to be noticed by the Mother God that all religions continue to worship.

Norma Holt has spent years unraveling the past and piecing together the way ancient societies have been misread and misplaced by researchers. She publishes her work on the Mountain of God, which is the Internet promised for the last days to spread the truth over the world (Micah 4:1).

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